Training Material (IO2)

The aim of this intellectual output is to firstly develop a methodology of the training material, secondly create a project website, thirdly create a competence validation tool and fourthly create project guidelines.

Based upon the Country Research (IO1) results focusing on the highlighted areas, available standards, and the current situation in the partner countries, STEFAN partners have been engaged in the creation of training materials using proper methodology as an answer to the needs of the partner’s countries.


The aim of the methodology is to create a professional base for the blended-learning platform and guarantee the successful course.

STEFAN Website

Partners have been engaged in creating this informative website of the STEFAN project in order to gather all the information about the project, partners organizations, general aims of the project, and most importantly, the materials created.

Competence Validation Tool (CVT)

The consortium has developed the questions and situations which will measure the current level of the participants. Competence Validation Tool is an online material, that is available in English and National Languages in the STEFAN platform:

STEFAN Project Guidelines

The aim of the STEFAN Project Guidelines is to provide a comprehensive and clear document which will help learners how to use the B-learning Platform. Guidelines contain information of the Blended learning material structure and a user manual how to register and use the STEFAN platform.

Please, find below the Project Guidelines in English and all national languages: