Thematic Booklet (IO4)

The Thematic Booklet has been developed over several months of work in the participating entities of these five countries, accompanied by different experts and specialists in ecotourism, as well as social agents, businessmen in the sector, or other stakeholders. It constitutes the forth and last Intellectual Output of STEFAN project, for which each country has developed a local thematic tour.

STEFAN’s Thematic Tours have been designed based on the “experience” to be lived or enjoyed in an ecotourism environment as the core its contribution and potential. The idea is to assume the service that makes up this tourist offer as an experience to be provided, and to materialize it through the different opportunities, resources and agents detected at a local level.

5 Thematic Tours

  • THE CZECH REPUBLIC – Tour through breathtaking Jeseníky
  • HUNGARY – FourSeason Tour Balatonfüred, Tihany
  • REPUBLIC OF NORTH MACEDONIA – 1 Night & 2 Days Package. Wine, Food and Cultural Tour from Skopje to Demir Kapija
  • SLOVENIA – ECO touristic fairy-tale through Brda
  • SPAIN – Back to the town

To learn more about the 5 Thematic Tours, please find the Thematic Booklet here: