Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic

On June 17, 2022, representatives of all partners of the STEFAN project met in Prague, Czech Republic to discuss the progress of the production of all the Intellectual Outputs and organization of the prolonged period.

With regard to the project outputs, this meeting was the occasion to discuss Intellectual Outputs 3 and 4 progress. The e-learning platform has been presented to the rest of the partners, enabling them to have a better vision of the achievements performed previously (development of learning modules and Competence Validation Tool in English and all languages).

Has also been addressed the piloting of the platform, which should be performed in September this year. After this, the STEFAN platform and content developed may be finalized to move on to IO4, occupying partners for the last remaining months.

STEFAN consortium has commented the thematic tour template provided by the Lead Partner of IO4: Postal3, enabling some to already start thinking about the ecotourism attractions to be integrated.